Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Are Reuniting For A Virtual Table Read of ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’!

Former couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston who made headlines after their nostalgic reunion at the SAG Awards are reuniting yet again for a reason? What is it all about? Let us find the reason given below.

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Are Coming Together For A Virtual Table Read!

Apparently, the two will be reuniting for a noble cause and will be a part of Dane Cook’s “Feelin’ A-Live” fundraiser. The two who already sparked dating rumors earlier will be coming together for a night-only virtual live table read of the 1982 rom-com Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Take a look at the first look video and see who all are joining in for the much anticipated virtual table read.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are not the only two celebs who will be a part of the fundraiser, many other celebrities including Morgan Freeman, Julia Roberts, Shia LeBeouf, Henry Golding are also going to join. Moreover, Sean Penn who played the role of Jeff Spicoli will also join in.

Several Other Celebs Are Also Going To Join In For The Noble Cause.

Moreover, the team behind the rom-com including screenwriter Cameron Crowe and director Amy Heckerling are going to introduce the virtual live table read. It is not confirmed what role will each of the celebrity will portray in the table read.

Moreover, while the celebs are doing all virtual table read and mini reunions , it would be quite interesting to see al these celebrities to come together for a table ready narrating these roles. Don’t miss out on the virtual table read on 21st August and see this celebs join hands for a greater cause that will benefit many in need.