Brace Yourselves, People as the Highly Appreciated Hulu Series ‘Ramy’ is Returning with Season 2 on Friday

After the success of the first season, the show has gained more popularity and season two will be starting soon

Ramy started streaming on Hulu from 29th April 2019, and was successful from the start, as the show was able to provide a non-stereotypical version of the American Muslim community. The show is also funny on top of this, and shows how Millenials are handling with the current scenarios.

The story is about Ramy Hassan, who is a first-gen Egyptian-American and his Muslim neighbourhood in New Jersey. It shows his struggles in staying faithful to his religion by praying at home during Fridays or go out to party like most youngsters do. The show received ratings of 8/10 in IMDB and a whopping 97% in Rotten Tomatoes, making it one of the best comedies of the year.

Season 2 DetailsĀ 

Source: Den of Geek


After season 1’s success, the show was immediately renewed for its second season and it will start streaming on Hulu from 29th May, 2020, which is this Friday.

Season 1 showed how Ramy tries to find his place in his divided neighbourhood in New Jersey, and in each episode you get to see how issues both personal and cultural are dealt. After living in New Jersey for a year, Ramy travels back to Egypt to properly understand his roots. It focused on many things, including extramarital affairs and how Lyft drivers lived. It also provided key insights into the Muslim community and how they live in foreign countries. There are still parts that are unexplored and we can expect to see them in season two.

We can expect to see the main cast members reprise their roles for season two. A new member will be Oscar winning actor Mahershala Ali.