“Boy Meets World” actress Maitland Ward reveals that she’s now ready to work in adult movies. Read on to know more.

The beautiful Hollywood star Maitland Ward reveals that she would like to work in porn films now onwards. Read on to know the details.

Former Hollywood star Maitland Ward reveals what’s it’s like to work in adult movies

We hope you remember a beautiful actress from the movie “Boy Meets World” Maitland Ward, who decided to take a leave from the clean-cut kid’s TV shows. Ward reveals that she would like to work in porn films now. After doing a movie like 90s ABC sitcom, Home Improvement, Rules of Engagement, and White Chicks. The 42-years-old actress is now ready to move her career into the adult film industry.

Maitland Ward shared a post on Instagram

Maitland is already taken a first towards her adult film career with a new feature-length movie “Drive.” She recently claimed to Touch Weekly that, “the filmmakers asked me to be a part of this, and I thought I should do it; I was not known to anything like adult or porn earlier.”

“The movie is well written, and this would be something different for me. The story is full of themes, and the character which I have to play is really really different than anything I have portrayed before.”

Maitland recently added a half-naked photograph on her Instagram and stated that “I am considering a venturing up with the adult film industry.”

She also added that “I am ready doesn’t mean that I want to do this, but it is because ‘I should do this for the growth.'”

“I am trying to comb up the quality stuff with hot sex stuff.”