Both Fans And Emily Cooper Have A Lot To Look Forward To In Emily In Paris Season 2!

While Emily Cooper from Darren Star’s Netflix series Emily in Paris had quite a beautiful journey of romance and fashion in the first season, viewers are curious to know what’s next for Emily copper and her gang and it seems like the makers might have the answer to that!

What Can Fans Expect From Newest Series Emily In Paris Season 2?

While fans saw in the first season as Emily adjusting to the stylish and alien lifestyle of the people in Paris, the second season will be seeing Emily all set while still figuring her way out in the city. It seems like it will be more like Emily of Paris situation more rather than Emily in Paris as we saw in season 1. Take a look at this big announcement that all the cast members made on social media.


As the newest, Darren Star show follows marketing executive Emily Cooper adjusting her life in Paris and finds herself in various situations that are alien to her. Series creators have revealed that Emily will be more of a resident of the city in the second season, and we might see more of Emily and Chef Gabriel as they might take their chemistry to something more serious after the big cliffhanger in season 1.

The Series Creators Of The Series Might Has Some Interesting Ideas Ahead!

Fans can celebrate as the show has officially been renewed for a second season, with the whole cast and crew members already quite keen to get the wheels rolling on the second season. With Emily Cooper becoming more and more adjusted to this new lifestyle, expect some twist in both her career and her whirl romance in the second season.