Bosch Season 7 is coming soon on Amazon Prime. Check out more details here about the cast, plot and latest inside details including a few spoilers.

The Amazon Prime hit show is all set to make its comeback on the online streaming platform. This detective drama show is loved by a big proportion of the Amazon subscribers. People generally prefer movie to series but this detective drama series has its effect oppositely. Well, let us uncover the veil of mystery, Bosch Season 7 has officially been announced for its comeback by Amazon Prime.

When is it going to air on the online streaming platform ???

Amazon’s hit detective drama series’s comeback announcement was revealed in a similar manner as the other series makers are revealing. The producers of the series decided to give the confirmation of the upcoming edition on 13th of February by tweeting the cast’s picture along with the crew members and giving a green light for the same. As far as the release date is concerned, no such fixed date is announced yet since presently the making of the sixth season of Bosch is under process.

What faces you might come across in Bosch 7 ???

Well, it is always interesting to know that whether our favourite actors and actresses are returning or not? So, here we tried to solve this puzzle for you by find out the cast of Bosch Season 7.  LA’s police detective, Harry Bosch’s role would be played by Titus Welliver; Detective Jerry Edgar would be none other than our Jamie Hector,  who is also the partner of Bosch; Lieutenant Grace Billets’s role would be played by Amy Aquino Tars, who is the superior of Bosch but one of his best friends.

What would the plot be like ???

Bosch Season 6 which airs in April will showcase new things and only after seeing that we would be in a position to make any statements on Season 7’s plot.