Borderlands 3 comes with many surprises and fans can’t wait to see the updates

From today, Borderlands 3 is going to be in full effect. There is not an ounce of doubt that there are many who are pumped up and are raring to go back to Pandora and go beyond. Now that the players have created their Vault Hunters using the 1st part of the guide, the second part of the guide introduces the home base, the looting and the places to explore in Borderlands 3.

Now that the players have picked up their Vault Hunters, there is going to be a tough choice in choosing which weapon to go to the battle. To stick to the rules of thumb, newbies need to pick up a weapon that leaves bigger damage when used, usually highlighted in color green. As the player tends to reach higher levels in the game, he/she would start to discard the rare weapons and will be more willing to choose weapons that do more damage.

Borderlands 3 comes with many surprises and fans can't wait to see the updates 3

Finally to the player’s advantage, there are class mods. These class mods enhance the stats of the player and, more importantly, they enhance the player’s skill tree.

As the player keeps going on killing and looting, they will start acquiring money which can be spent to buy better gears of the weapons at various Vendors that are situated around various planets and at the sanctuary.
Sanctuary III is going to be the home base for the players. Sanctuary III is a spacefaring bastion that will follow the player around the game as they keep exploring new planets and new areas.

Since a player needs to cover the vast expanses of the Borderland III, there is the Catch-A-Ride system that allows the players to choose one of the three model vehicles to travel across the new areas. The three models available in Borderland 3 are the Cyclone, the Outrunner, and the Technical.