BNA/Brand New Animal is Netflix’s Gem That You Should Be Watching!

Brand New Anime is the latest anime to hit the Netflix shelves and here’s what we have to say about the show.

The first thing that hits you is that the show has lots of bright and bold colours thanks to Studio Trigger, despite the comic style, the show fits the genre of an arduous action neo-noir thriller.

In this Universe, humans have to share their world with another species called beastmen. The people from this species can transform itself into an animal at any given moment, and they are discriminated against by humans.

The main plot of the anime is about Michiru, who runs off to Anima City, a city which is sort of a sanctuary for beastmen. But upon arriving there she realizes that it is not the ideal place she had thought it to be and is instead run by a whole lot of corrupt authorities. She forms an alliance with Shirou who is a detective and together they try their best to help the people of Anima City and investigate Michiru’s mysterious past.

The show is lighthearted but it combines it well with the social tension while creating an interesting environment for the characters. Talking about the bright visuals of the show, the show has a different colour for each character which fits their personality, and these are few the things that make this anime an interesting watch.

The show has been made with a more mature and complicated theme but, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all gloomy and dark but is quite the opposite and the anime is incredibly lively. The visuals are almost artistic for almost every scene.

The show has amusing dialogues and a quirky sense of humour, and everything is paced almost to perfection with almost no fillers. The show gives ample time for the audience to capture and understand the premise of the show.

Studio Trigger is known for its rapid pacing, so you might expect an immense battle which makes it completely action-packed. The show is both funny and engaging, and we thoroughly enjoyed every part of the show.

If you want to watch an anime this year it has to be Brand New Anime, because once you start watching it is nearly irresistible to turn off and you’re in for a delight.