“Blood on her hands.”: Leah Remini ends her show ‘Scientology and Aftermath’.

The 49-year-old actress Leah Remini recently announced that her Scientology-cantered show would be coming to an end. The name of the Scientology based show is Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, which is, an Emmy nominated show on its third series. Remini was a former Scientologist since she was nine but left in the year 2013. She now has publicly criticized the secrecy surrounding goings-on within the religious faction. She and her co-star Mike Rinder stated that Scientology is a formidable opponent for those in pain and have much money, they never think of the one they are attacking when they are in pain and loss because of their abusive practices. They never allow anyone to get away with whatever they have been doing on the people for so long.

A rep for the Church struck Leah and her show stating that she has got blood in her hands. Her shows are a lie about everything they say, and they provoke hate among the people against Scientology’s leader for their practices, religion, and culture, and moreover, he said that the murder of a Scientology religious worker was by Rimini’s horrendous distortions.

According to reports, a 16-year-old boy in Sydney killed one of the members of Scientology after he was asked to leave the center earlier this year. The Church again made Leah’s show responsible for the incident, and then Mike Rinder said that the Scientology members want to shift their blames on them for all of their abuses.

Moreover, now that she has announced the end of her Scientology-cantered docuseries, she has had no trouble at all in finding any another job for herself. The 49-year-old was observed making an entry quite comfortably to the Today show studio at Rockefeller Centre in the New York City on Thursday.