Blindspot: the show gave an incredibly fulfilling final season by showing a major loss. Read for more details.

The following post ahead contains major spoilers for Blindspot‘s final season. If you haven’t watched it till now, then do keep your eyes away from this.

Blindspot didn’t really open with a great blast to start off their final season. However, fans were certainly satisfied with a huge one later on in the episode. The FBI group had been hanging out in a safe house when they got a call from Director Matthew Weitz.

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Madeline Burke had found out their location and had launched a drone towards them with an end goal to see them all blown to bits and pieces.

TVLine had confirmed that the NBC’s last season of the drama would be shorter than all the past seasons, crossing only 13 episodes.

During Blindspot’s Season 4 finale, Jane, Weller, and the remainder of the FBI group were put together for a project called Project Helios, which had truly been arranged by the season’s Big Bad Villain itself Madeline Burke.

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Soon after the group found a remote area where they could eventually hide from the authorities, The Big Bad of the season Madeline ordered a drone strike on the area — and a rocket hit the cabin with Reade, Weller, Zapata, and Patterson still stuck inside the cabin.

The majority of the episode of the drama occurred two months after the blast. Subsequent to staying away from one another for about two months, the group summon again at a Cold War shelter in Prague. Though Jane’s tattoos suddenly appeared on Times Square’s digital billboards.

They also had a big task with breaking Rich Dotcom out of the CIA black site where he was being kept for a time, and they all also agreed to stick around together in Prague until they all have achieved there desired revenge on Madeline.

So at the end of the series, unfortunately, it was Reade who became the premiere casualty, and now we all can witness how his death promotes new “amazing stories” in the final season upfront for all of us.