Black Widow Trailer Leaves Behind Some Unanswered Mysteries!

No one does it like our superheroes. After having quite an eventful last year, Marvel Studios is all ser with back to back movies this new year. The train of superhero films will start with our kick-ass agent Blck Widow!

Black Widow Trailer Is Already Creating Quite A Stir Online!

The trailer has been launched recently, and fans are already quite anxious to catch the film at the box office. The trailer has been successful to create quite the stir online. However, the trailer has opened a can of worms it seems and has left behind many questions that need to be answered!

The film will give a proper background to the agent. Throughout the Avengers franchise, Natasha Romanoff was not given a proper backstory. The location of the trailer is in Budapest it seems. The place has been quite the mystery right from the time of the Avenger film started!

The Trailer Leaves Quite A Mystery Behind!

However, the trailer is grabbing eyeballs for their supporting cast members as well, the trailer also introduces us briefly to Red Guardian (David Harbour) and Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz), but it’s Yelena played by Florence Pugh who is really grabbing the attention of fans as they speculate over what her role will be in future MCU films. This film also has quite an interesting supervillain, this time it is the Taskmaster, a malicious mime with the power to instantly replicate any physical action they see courtesy of photographic reflexes.

Pugh recently revealed in an interview that pain and tragedy would be an essential part of the upcoming MCU film. We need to see how well the film does at the box office knowing the tragic fate our main protagonist meets at the end! Let us see how well the film scores at the box office.