Black Panther Actress Carrie Bernans’ Near-Fatal Encounter: Pinned Under Food Truck in NYC Crash!

Black Panther Actress Carrie Bernans Pinned Under Food Truck in NYC Crash

On New Year’s Day, tragedy struck in Midtown Manhattan as a hit-and-run crash left multiple people injured, including Black Panther actress and stuntperson Carrie Bernans. In a shocking turn of events, Bernans found herself pinned under a food truck after being struck by a wrong-way driver during a police chase. The incident has left Bernans with serious injuries, including broken bones, fractures, and chipped teeth.

1. The Terrifying Incident: A Hit-and-Run Crash

While walking near West 33rd Street and 7th Avenue, Bernans and a friend became victims of a hit-and-run crash that had devastating consequences. The driver, who was being pursued by the police, collided with a food truck, causing it to topple onto Bernans and pin her underneath.

2. The Aftermath: Injuries and Damage

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Bernans shared images of her injuries, showcasing the significant damage inflicted upon her teeth, mouth, and face. Her mother also provided updates on her condition, revealing that Bernans suffered broken bones, fractures, and chipped teeth.

2.1 The Impact of the Crash

The force of the collision not only caused physical harm to Bernans but also had a profound emotional impact. The traumatic experience left her knocked unconscious and in unimaginable pain.

2.1.1 The Emotional Toll

Dealing with the aftermath of such a terrifying incident can take a toll on an individual’s emotional well-being. Bernans and her loved ones are undoubtedly grappling with fear, anxiety, and the need for healing.

2.2 Damage to the Food Truck

The collision with the food truck resulted in significant damage, further emphasizing the severity of the crash. The impact was powerful enough to cause the truck to topple and trap Bernans underneath.

3. The Suspect and Capturing

The hit-and-run suspect initially escaped the scene, fleeing in a black SUV. However, thanks to the efforts of the police, the suspect was eventually caught and apprehended near West 34th Street and 9th Avenue.

3.1 Pending Charges

While the suspect is currently in custody, charges against them are still pending. The legal process will determine the accountability and consequences for their reckless actions.

4. The Impact on Others

In addition to Bernans, several others were affected by the crash. A total of six civilians sustained injuries, and three police officers were also hurt, with one requiring hospitalization.

4.1 The Importance of Support

In times of turmoil and hardship, the support of loved ones and well-wishers can make a remarkable difference. Bernans expressed gratitude for the overwhelming show of support she has received, acknowledging the strength and comfort it brings.

5. Moving Forward: Healing and Recovery

While the road to healing may be challenging, Bernans remains determined to overcome the obstacles ahead. She embraces her resilience and emphasizes that setbacks can serve as setups for future success.

5.1 Strength in Adversity

The ability to persevere through difficult times showcases an individual’s strength and resilience. Bernans’ determination to recover and move forward serves as an inspiration to others facing their own challenges.

5.1.1 The Power of Positive Mindset

Adopting a positive mindset can play a crucial role in the healing and recovery process. Bernans’ optimistic outlook and determination serve as a testament to the transformative power of a positive attitude.


The hit-and-run crash in New York City involving Black Panther actress Carrie Bernans has shocked and saddened many. As Bernans embarks on the journey to recovery, her story serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience of the human spirit. While the incident is a setback, Bernans remains determined to turn it into a setup for a brighter future.


1. How did the hit-and-run crash occur?

The hit-and-run crash occurred when a wrong-way driver collided with a food truck, which then fell onto Carrie Bernans, pinning her underneath.

2. Was the perpetrator of the crash caught?

Yes, thanks to the diligent efforts of the police, the suspect was eventually captured near West 34th Street and 9th Avenue.

3. How severe were Carrie Bernans’ injuries?

Carrie Bernans suffered broken bones, fractures, and chipped teeth as a result of the crash. Her injuries have been described as serious and traumatizing.

4. Are there any pending charges against the suspect?

Yes, charges against the suspect are currently pending as the legal process unfolds.

5. How can others support Carrie Bernans during her recovery?

Show your support by sending messages of encouragement and keeping her in your thoughts. Respect her privacy during this challenging time.