‘Billions’ star Melissa Errico says ‘I had blood all over me’, she rescued a man who fell onto subway tracks in New York City.

Artist and on-screen character Melissa Errico supposedly helped spare a man who fell onto the tracks at the fourteenth Street Station in Manhattan — similarly as a train was drawing closer.

Melissa Errico is an American actress, singer, recording artist, and writer. She is known for her Broadway musical roles such as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady and Kurt Weill’s One Touch of Venus.

The Tony-named entertainer, who is additionally known for her roles in Broadway, said she had “blood all over” her after the occurrence at fourteenth Street Station in Manhattan.

Errico disclosed to the media that when she had left her vocal mentor’s studio on Wednesday, she saw the “urgent and frightened” man who had “broken his foot and cut his arms.”

She clarified that two outsiders were endeavoring to lift the harmed man before she mediated. She could see the two men surrendering,” Errico said. They were releasing him.

The former High Society star said that the man on the tracks was sweet but also really desperate and scared.

She hopped into action without even thinking, said the 49-year-old Tony nominee and mother of three.

Errico explained that the group of people there managed to get the man back onto the platform safely and securely with an upcoming train pulling to a stop just moments earlier. The man was reportedly treated by EMTs and taken to a local hospital.

She had blood all over her, Errico said. But it didn’t phase her. “I’m a mom,” she told the media. Who better to save a life than a mom?

Errico met her husband, former tennis player and ESPN sports commentator Patrick McEnroe when they were in primary school together. They got married on 19 December 1998 at the Holy Trinity Church on W. 82nd Street. She lives in New York with their three children.