Bill Murray, 72, Dating Kelis, 43: An Unlikely Romance Sparks Up Between the Two!

Milkshake singer Kelis, 43, is dating Ghostbusters actor Bill Murray, according to reports. The couple has been spotted watching the “Bossy” singer’s recent shows together and even took a backstage photo at the Mighty Hoopla festival in London, where Kelis performed.

The Unlikely Pair

Kelis and Murray have an almost 30-year age gap between them, with the actor at 72 years old. According to The Sun, the pair’s relationship began after bonding over their late spouses, with Kelis losing her second husband, Mike Mora, to stomach cancer last year and Murray’s estranged wife, Jennifer Butler, passing away in 2021.

The Bonding Over Loss

A source close to the couple said, “They’ve met up in the States before, which got people in the industry talking, and now are meeting up in London while they’re both here. They’ve clearly hit it off.”

Age is Just a Number

Despite the ‘fairly big age gap,’ the insider added, “Whatever it is that has brought them together, and however unlikely it seems, they are both single and are having fun.”

The Actors’ Respective Families

Murray has six sons from his two previous marriages, while Kelis shares a son with her ex-husband, Nas, as well as two children with Mora.

Murray’s Relationship History

Murray’s relationship with Butler was tumultuous, with allegations of domestic abuse and infidelity surfacing. They split in 2008, but it was reported that they stayed in touch until her death in 2021.

Kelis’ Relationship History

Kelis has also faced relationship turmoil, accusing her first husband, Nas, of physical and mental abuse during their five-year marriage.

Their Professional Lives

Murray is currently in the UK filming a sequel to the Ghostbusters franchise, reprising his role as Peter Venkman. Meanwhile, Kelis has been performing at various concerts and festivals.

Spotting at the Mighty Hoopla

A video shared on Twitter captured Murray seemingly enjoying Kelis’ performance at the Mighty Hoopla over the weekend. In the clip, he can be seen swaying to the music and clapping along with the crowd.

The Unlikely Pairing

The pair’s unlikely pairing has taken many by surprise, with one Twitter user commenting, “I’ll never understand how/why he gets a pass from so many people.”

Their Private Lives

Neither Murray nor Kelis has commented on the rumors of their relationship.

The Future of the Relationship

It remains to be seen whether Kelis and Murray’s reported relationship will continue to blossom, with their busy schedules and personal lives to consider.

Age Gap or Soulmates?

Despite their age gap, the couple seems happy together, with their shared experience of loss bringing them closer. Only time will tell whether their relationship will stand the test of time.


Kelis and Murray’s reportedly budding relationship has taken many by surprise. The unlikely pair has bonded over their shared experience of loss and found solace in each other’s company. Regardless of their age gap or personal histories, it’s clear that they’re enjoying each other’s company and having fun together.

FAQs about Kelis and Bill Murray’s Relationship

1. How did Kelis and Bill Murray meet?

Kelis and Murray reportedly met in the United States and bonded over their late spouses.

2. What is the age gap between Kelis and Bill Murray?

The couple has an almost 30-year age gap, with Murray at 72 years old and Kelis at 43.

3. What are their respective family situations?

Murray has six sons from his previous marriages, while Kelis shares a son with her ex-husband Nas and has two children with her late husband, Mike Mora.

4. What has Kelis accused her first husband of?

Kelis has accused her first husband, Nas, of physical and mental abuse during their five-year marriage.

5. Have Kelis or Murray commented on their relationship?

The pair has not commented on the rumors of their relationship.