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Big Sean Opens Up About His Latest Track And How He Remembers Late Artist Nipsey Hussle!

Big Sean has launched his upcoming single track titled Deep Reverence. However, this new release is quite significant as the singer ha decided to pay his tribute to the late artist Nipsey Hussle.

Big Sean Opens Up About His Single Track Deep Reverence. Here’s More About The Track.

Big Sean has made the big announcement while answering a fan on Twiter, he also further added that the world really needs to hear and feel Nipsey’s presence. Take a look at the Twitter post that Big Sean posted while updating all his fans.

The track is reportedly going to start with a verse by Nipsey who goes on to describe his neighborhood and where he was born and brought up. The opening verse has been referring to his untimely tragic death.

The Late Artist Wanted To Team Up With Big Sean And Other Artists As Well.

Big Sean made another revelation about reaching put to artist Kendrick Lamar with whom Nipsey has an alleged beef with. Big Sean explained that it was never really a big thing and just a big misunderstanding that was fuelled even further. He is creating major hype about the song and it has already created a buzz amongst music fanatics.

The song will also an interview where Nipsey is talking about his plans about collaborating with Big Sean and other Detroit artists as well. The song is extremely personal with the singer opening up about this trauma after he lost a child with his partner. The song holds a special place in the artist’s life as it seems to open chapters from his personal life which . Some of this events are not that pleasant for him.

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