Big Little Lies Might Not Be Returning For Season 3! But why? Check out all latest updates.

Hit HBO drama series Big Little Lies wrapped up the second season back in 2019, now fans are wondering the show is returning for a third season or not. Well, we might have an answer to that.

Is There Going To Be Big Little Lies Season 3? Here’s What We Know.

It seems like there is going to be a prolonged wait for fans as there might not be a third season after all! While one of the main reasons behind the delay is that the leading stars of the drama series are busy with their own different projects at this point. Making them all reunite together for yet another season is a pretty unrealistic work, as said by HBO president Casey Bloys.

Moreover, Bloys went on to talks about how the second season was more or less the ending. He explained how the second season saw the whole case come together and end the franchise in a way that it feels satisfying.

HBO President Casey Bloys Has Opened Up About The Second Season Being The Finale Season.

However, one of the leading stars of the series Nicole Kidman has said that she is all game for season 3, but it is only possible if all the same people are going to return for the third season as well including the kids!

While reuniting the whole original cast can be much of a task considering all the actors are pretty busy with several projects at hand, Reese Witherspoon has teased the idea of including Jennifer Aniston in the fold as well! We would surely love her to be the par of the team of the show is going to return for season 3 anytume soon.