Better Call Saul: Fans might have to Wait a Little Longer for the Arrival of Season 5 on Netflix

While Breaking Bad fans were overwhelmed when the spinoff series Better Call Saul made its debut on the AMC network, taking us back in time and narrating the story of the notorious Saul Goodman.

When Will Be Better Call Saul Season 5 Be Available On Netflix?

However, with the fifth season already wrapped up on AMC, we wonder when is it going to make its way on Netflix? It seems like some of the regions have to wait a while before the fifth season debuts on the streaming platform.

While there has been no official announcement yet, the fifth season may arrive sometime around 2021, this way they will be able to build up the anticipation around the much-awaited sixth and final season. With the sixth season confirmed to be the final one, fans are eagerly waiting for the fifth season as well.

Some Parts Have Already Witnessed All The Action On Netflix!

However, unlike some parts, people living in the UK, Latin America, Asia, and Australia have already witnessed all the ongoing action in the fifth season on Netflix. Now only some parts are having to wait a while longer to look into the intense powerplay for Saul Goodman and company!

While the sixth season is reportedly going to start production from 2021 onwards, the fifth season will make its way into the streaming platform soonest, moreover, the fifth season is creating the much needed hype as it leaves behind some big cliffhangers that will be solved in the final season of the series. Till then , we can binge watch all the back to back four seasons of the notorious series. We wonder whether any of the iconic characters from the original story making their appearance for season 6.