Best Business Conference Call Features in 2022

A conference call for business is a great tool for all modern remote teams who need to stay connected, whether virtual or in-person. In the coming years, this technology is going to become even more popular and efficient. Using the examples of two service providers – Whoosh and RingCentral – we will examine the most advanced features that every video conferencing user will need in 2022.

Whoosh: the latest app with progressive functionality

Whoosh is a brand-new video call app that is powered by AI and can be used for business, personal or educational purposes. It’s a feature-rich video conferencing solution that makes the user experience truly engaging with AI-driven tools, such as gesture recognition, smart cloud recordings, weatherman layouts, and AR masks and filters. Such a wide range of smart features allows taking video conferencing to a whole new level, the one required by a modern business world, the development of technology, and the ubiquity of remote work and collaboration.

Top features to try with Whoosh:

  • Engaging Full-HD video calls with outstanding audio quality. One of the primary features of video conferencing these days is its quality. With Whoosh, you can be assured of the crystal clear image and sound of every online meeting. Background noise cancellation helps to get rid of any annoying distractions, while audio splitting allows dividing into groups for collaboration without interrupting the main speaker.
  • Weatherman layouts. Online presentations are the new normal these days. And the app goes to great lengths to increase the level of participants’ engagement in the process by introducing unique weatherman layouts. They allow setting any image, slides, video, or website as the background and combining it with the speaker.
  • Touch-up tools and immersive 3D backgrounds. A neat and professional look is another essential factor for fruitful online meetings. With Whoosh and its powerful AI-driven touch-up tools, 3D backgrounds, and AR masks and filters, every user can forget about long-lasting preparations and join a conference without any hassle.
  • Cloud recordings with transcripts. Whoosh is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to easily and quickly convert long recordings into short, easy-to-watch videos. Its AI-powered system creates short video mashups that include only the most important parts of the recording. This is a great way to capture memories or recall meaningful life events without having to deal with hours of footage.
  • Gesture recognition. Gestures add a new level of interactivity to virtual meetups, making them more dynamic and fun. With Whoosh, you can use hand gestures to control the conversation flow or send emotive messages in the form of emojis. 
  • High-end web protection. Online security must be a priority for every video conferencing provider. Whoosh is well aware of that fact and offers fully encrypted virtual communication software with top-of-the-line security features: P2P & multiparty encryption, compliance with ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOC, HITRUST, and CSA STAR, unique session IDs, host controls, and 24/7 network safety monitoring.

RingCentral: a tried-and-tested solution for businesses

RingCentral, one of the world’s leading providers of cloud communications, has been helping businesses of all sizes stay connected to their teams, clients, and customers since 2003.

It offers a hosted VoIP phone app along with video conferencing software that can be used both on desktop and mobile devices. RingCentral’s services are ideal for any work-from-home business since they offer robust and reliable software for high-quality audio and video conference calls. The service is free to download and offers a secure connection, which means that your conversations will not be intercepted by third parties. 

Top features to try with RingCentral:

  • Cloud phone call tools. The latest features RingCentral has introduced include mobile and desktop HUD functionality that allows expanding calling capabilities: arrange huddles (live chat rooms), transfer calls, manage multiple incoming calls, and monitor users’ availability. 
  • Integration with other services. Remote work is inseparable from the usage of various platforms: CRMs, marketing and development services, project management tools, calendars, and others. This leads to endless jumping from one application to another. RingCentral solves this problem by providing a wide range of integrations with popular services, including Microsoft Teams, Google services, Slack, and Asana.
  • Live transcription. Such a useful feature allows easily following along with a conference call, even if you join late – there’s no need to try and piece together bits of conversation from different speakers. Just hit play and the service will automatically create a written transcript of the call for you.
  • Breakout Rooms. RingCentral’s Breakout Rooms add a new dimension to online meetings by allowing hosts to create separate video meetings for small groups of participants. With this tool, meeting participants can have a quick discussion without having to leave the main virtual room or wait for their turn to speak. This saves time and keeps everyone engaged in a virtual gathering.

Meeting in person is always better, but when that’s not possible, video conferencing is the next big thing. In order to make your online meetings as effective as face-to-face conversations, be sure to use robust software with the latest features. From simple things like screen sharing to more advanced like dynamic backgrounds and huddle meetings, services like Whoosh and RingCentral got you covered!