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Best Black Ops Cold War Weapons for Warzone in Season 1

Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War has shaken the meta of Warzone. It has greatly changed the manner in which players make their load-outs prior to arriving in Verdansk or Rebirth Island. Numerous new SMG’s and Tactical Rifles from Black Ops Cold War have seen a flood being used, out harming Modern Warfare’s weapons.

Accepted to be the biggest drop of free substance throughout the entire existence of the celebrated first-individual shooter establishment, the new season has purchased in an abundance of fresh out of the plastic new substance and changes to the two titles. The game has established a big thing among numerous fans worldwide.

For Warzone, Season One is the principal season of Black Ops Cold War joining, with the whole weapon munitions stockpile being dispatched over alongside the expansion of new guide Rebirth Island. Here are some favourite out of all:


The AUG from Black Ops Cold War is crazy in Warzone, one blasting foes very close and two blasting adversaries at the range. Reach skyward for most extreme harm, and get a moment down. A preferable option for many out there.


Like the AUG, the M16 is additionally a hard-hitting burst rifle. It has somewhat more dependability at range than the AUG, and furthermore a touch greater solidness. The decision between the M16 and AUG boils down to singular player tastes. As it depends on the player what will suit best to his style of play. Numerous marksmen will incline toward the M16, where forceful players may favour the AUG.

Macintosh – 10

The MAC-10 is dangerous, quick discharging, and sufficiently precise for a weapon of its capacity. Takedown adversaries before they can respond with an MP5 or any similar SMG. The MAC 10 is the lord for short proximity group battles, or simply taking on a 1v1.

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