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Ben Shapiro Made Controversial Statements About Female Sexuality , Calls Female Arousal A Medicinal Issue! Check it out.

The latest music track by Megan There Stallion and Cardi B, titled WAP has been recently released and within a few days of its release, the track has already become a fan favorite. As the track aims to explore female sexuality, a Republican has made some other interesting comments on the music video.

Ben Shapiro Is Facing Major Backlash After Criticizing The Music Video, WAP.

Ben Shapiro, has recently claimed that he accidentally watched the music video and somewhat criticized the video for being too raunchy! He referred to the much video while saying this is what feminists fought for!

Ben Shapiro, later, however, explained on Twitter that he is definitely not against female sexuality and said that the music video is definitely a profound celebration of women empowerment. However, it was just too late as fans have started backlashing the Republican for not acknowledging the issue of female sexuality. Take a look at the Twitter post that was made by Ben Shapiro himself.

The Republican Figure Made Some Problematic Comments Avoid Female Sexuality!

Ben Shapiro went on to make some rather problematic statements saying that his wife who herself is a doctor explained that female arousal is a medical issue! This has made people enraged. Even Cardi B has made fun of the man and shared a twitter post where someone has turned Shapiro into a meme. She herself seem to have shown her anger towards the statement.

While the music video has gained immense attention from fans overnight, this new statement has thrown Shapiro into some major controversy. Fans are penning down their anger on Twitter and talking about how the music video is all about exploring female sexuality.

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