Ben Affleck admits slip in his sobriety ; Arrives at his Ex-wife’s house day after he was seen drunk

Ben Affleck bounced back Sunday admitting that he stumbled in his sobriety. The actor was seen in his ex-wife’s house on Sunday. The American actor and director married Jennifer Garner (also an American actress) in 2005, Though the couple got separated in 2018.

The forty-seven-year-old actor has suffered and struggled for many years. He suffered from his sobriety and repeatedly went for rehab and other treatment. According to sources, the actor visited rehab in August 2018. It is reported that Ben Affleck was leaving La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood for Unicef Masquerade ball. He was facing trouble in walking. The actor literally came to fall before catching on the vehicle.

His ex-wife, Jennifer Garner drove him to Malibu. Ben has been attending seminars and classes at the Los Angeles wellness center, the center specializes in ‘Buddhist ethics,’ where people who attend engage with activities such as meditation, yoga and focuses on healthy lifestyle and spiritual mindset. Ben Affleck has acknowledged he is going to slip up from his sobriety from time to time.