Bella Thorne is Excited to have her Periods and shares Sexy Black Bikini pics on Instagram

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The Disney star Bella Thorne’s new caption reads, ‘woke up with my period and this is how excited I am’.

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I woke up with my period and this is how excited I am 😐

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Currently, the actress was captured having fun with her new Italian mate Benjamin Mascolo who was with her aboard on the yacht, sharing her awestruck bikini photos.

From the posts, it’s much clear that the 22-year old bold boss girl is happy in her new relationship.

The shot is on July 4, where she is holding a glass of beer on a boat during her vacations to Sicily, Italy.

Though, in her comment section, her fans apart from being happy for her are kinda a bit confused, that if she is pregnant?!

Previously Bella was in a relationship with rapper Mod Sun, which eventually ended after 19 months of relationship because according to her it was getting difficult to handle polyamory.

So, right now she is with Ben.

Bella with Ben in the pool

Bella earlier shared her views on polyamory, she explained that it makes her feel happy and she enjoys dating and loving two people at once.

The Canadian Cuban actress-singer is going to film her mystery thriller in summer 2020.

The actress has also written a book of poems entitled as THE LIFE OF A WANNA BE MOGUL: MENTAL DISARRAY.

The singer-actor-writer has also helmed in a BDSM short film Her and Him, for which she got Vision Award at 2nd Annual Porn Hub Award at LA on October 11.

It won’t be wrong saying that the 22-year-old wild cat has broken the stereotypical approach of society towards work for women and sexuality.

Bella has always been praised and loved for her bold moves, regarding her take to disclose her sexuality, that she is pansexual and she isn’t ashamed of it.

Her this move has been controversial yet praised by her fans that it takes balls to do so, while the rest of the celebs prefer to keep it confidential.