Bella Thorne Criticised for her Halloween Makeup!!! Fans think she is Mocking the Victims of Physical Abuse!!

It’s Halloween time and celebrities are showing off their incredible costumes these days. But Bella Thorne’s look made her face criticism instead of getting praises.

What did the people say about her makeup? 

Bella Thorne posted a picture of herself on Instagram in which she was wearing makeup. The makeup made her look like a person going through physical violence. It angered many of her fans. Some of her fans thought that dressing up as a victim of sexual assault is not something she should be proud of or encouraged for doing on Halloween.

They thought that she was playing with the symptoms of people who have to go through these harsh things. According to some fans, she crossed the line between joking and bullying. Her actions are going to hurt the victims. It was completely inhuman for her to do these kinds of things.

People wrote that Halloween tradition does not encourage anyone to wear anything that offends someone. Bella wore makeup that made her look like she was hit badly on her jaw. Her lips were looking like they were bleeding.

Her actual Halloween costume :

Bella’s opinion :

However, Bella had made it clear in the caption of the photograph only that it is just for fun and she was not actually hurt. She was just trying to show off her incredible makeup skills. Bella Thorne’s actual costume was of a scout for Halloween. However, Bella has not made any statement yet on the trolling. She instead posted more Halloween pictures of herself.

Few things in Bella’s favor:

Bella had revealed in the past that she was herself a victim of sexual abuse and physical violence. So, it is clear that she would not do anything to upset the victims. It was just her showing her makeup skills and people don’t need to take it seriously.