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Bella Hadid Opens Up About Her Lyme Disease And Makes People Aware Of It On Social Media about its symptoms.

Several celebrities have been extremely honest about their physical and mental illness that has been different for quite a while now. Another celeb has recently opened up about her issues and let us take a look at this candid confession that has been done on social media.

Bella Hadid Opens Up About Her Lyme Disease On Social Media.

Model Bella Hadid recently opens up about how she has been suffering from Lyme disease for quite a while now. The symptoms are extremely painful and it is no cakewalk for people who suffers from this illness.

Bella Hadid was honest about the sufferings that she faces due to the disease which includes insomnia, eating disorder, nausea, sensitivity to noise, and light. These symptoms also include weight loss and gain, joint pain, and more.

The Model Becomes Candid About How Suffering Due To The Disease.

The twenty-three-year-old model confessed that she faced these symptoms back when she was 14 and became acute when she turned 18. She shared the post shared by chef Joudie Kalla’s popular Palestine Plate Instagram account. It is surely an ongoing issue and it is a constant battle for people who suffered through it.

Bella’s mother Yolanda Hadid also suffers from Lyme disease and has confessed that sometimes the pain is so acute that it can bring you down to your knees. Bella confessed about a sufferer as well when she was twenty years old and expressed her agony on how it is sad that people judge her on the base of her looks and not how one feels. She has been vocal about the painful symptoms and making people aware about the disease . This will help people to reach out to others who suffers from the same.

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