Being with Prince Harry wasn’t a cake walk for Meghan Markle! She had to remove her engagement ring! What happened exactly?

Being a royal is not all fun and games. Though it seems like a dream come true, it is actually a bit much for many to handle. The scrutiny, the pressure, and the strict rules; no wonder Lady Di was fed up.

Meghan Markle, a newer addition to the Buckingham Palace, has already received her fair share of criticisms. From her outfits to her nationality, everything has been heavily scrutinized by the public.

Why was Meghan told to take off her ring?

When working for the hit show Suits, she was even told to take off a prop – the engagement ring. In the storyline, Mike proposes to Rachel (the character Meghan plays), and she accepts. So, she had to wear a fake engagement ring. But after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle started publicly dating, even that wasn’t allowed.

According to her Suits co-star Wendell Pierce, the royals take quite extra safety measures. The MI5 told the former actress to take off the ring in case of paparazzi spot it. Since the British Royal family didn’t want any premature engagement, rumors floating around, talk about controlling! Luckily, the Duchess of Sussex complied.

The Duchess has since retired from Hollywood and is devoting her time to charity work. She recently gave birth to a baby boy this year. Even while pregnant, she didn’t shy away from any work obligations. You could see Meghan in every event supporting the Royal family. Even the Queen is supposedly quite impressed by her work ethic. Take that, haters.

Meghan Markle has been facing criticism from the British media since her inception in The House of Windsor. There have multiple rumors about her strained relationship with Kate Middleton as well. We don’t know-how of the rumors are true and how fair the criticism is. Hope there is only smooth sailing from now on!