Beenie Man and Bounty Killer Indulge in a Live Instagram Dance Face-Off

Instagram has now been a place for film stars and singers to showcase their talents on after the world has gone into social distancing and quarantine. Innumerous stars now take to their Instagram accounts and come live for a discussion with their fans to overcome there and well as their fan’s boredom which is the only resort they can opt for to entertain the world and their respective countries.

One such example has recently been of Beenie Man and Bounty Killer, when the two took to their Instagram live accompanied with their bands to have a faceoff for their fans, all dressed to give the feel of a dance night to their fans and to ensure that they felt no difference between their live bands and the Instagram live that they appeared on, singing the song ‘One Love’ and the variations that they showed in the song is what they describe as the artist behind the art.

About the live performance on Instagram

Over 4 lakh people appeared for the live song that they performed. The duo’s battle was an integral part of an ongoing series that is produced by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland with the intention to entertain their fans during the quarantine. The performers were in Jamaica and had the live going on till late at night.

The country, like the other countries too is suffering from the shackles of the coronavirus and hence the country has social distancing norms in effect in addition to the curfew every night. When the live went till late at night, the cops had to come in to stop them, as said by the US Embassy in Jamaica. Despite that, the artists continued with their live faceoff without stopping anywhere before one hour after the cops got in.