‘Started from the bottom’ and now again at the bottom: The Beatles’ fans pissed off by Drake’s new forearm Tattoo.

The famous rapper, Drake, has pissed the Beatles’ fans off with his new ink. The 32-year-old singer is fond of tattoos and has now added a new symbol to his body which is inspired by the Beatles; iconic Abbey Road album cover. He did not copy it entirely but added himself in the tattoo ahead of them which has now left the Beatles’ fans unhappy.

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Drake has got the tattoo on his forearm. His minor addition ahead of the Beatles tattoo appears to be stating his statement that he has got more slaps than the Beatles. He had shared the picture online so, and the fans started trolling him and criticizing him for being boasting himself ahead of the Beatles while he told that he made the tattoo only because he liked the Beatles.

The fans outrageously wrote on the social media that the Beatles are the ones who have number 1 singles than anyone in the whole industry and still their albums are sold each year. Moreover, the only way that he would beat the Beatles is in his mind and not in reality. While another person wrote that his tattoo is a narcissistic one and if any person remembers Drake’s song even after 50 years they all would chew up their thoughts.

The Beatles.

His new tattoo had come up almost a year after the time he had achieved a new record for the highest number of Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 songs on a single calendar. While the Beatles had earned 11 top 10 songs in their time of 1964, Drake broke the record in October 2018 with 12 of his songs making up on the way of success and fame.

The tattoo has now ignited flame between the fans of the Beatles and the fans of Drake who pointed up the fact that the Beatles are the ones who had made up their empire before the era of the social media.