Batman Day celebrations are on its full course and Matt Reeves tweets a picture…is picture related to the movie?? Nah..

Happy Batman Day! Batman Day is already on the roll, and people from all over the globe are showing their appreciation and love for the Caped Crusader. Matt Reeves, the direction of the live-action film featuring Batman to be released, has decided to pipe up the fun. Matt Reeves, the next director of Batman, has posted a bunch of pictures on his Twitter account. These pictures cover the city of London and show the festival in its full course.
However, a lot of fans are waiting for a bomb to be dropped from the director revealing any little information about the movie, especially today because of its “Batman Day.”

Batman Day celebrations are on its full course and Matt Reeves tweets a picture related to the movie?? Nah.. 1
Image: Twitter

Matt Reeves’s picture shows a building that has a Bat-Signal glowing on it. These types of signals were installed in all the big cities of the world like New York, Tokyo, Melbourne, Paris, Barcelona, Johannesburg, Berlin, Los Angeles, Montreal, Mexico City, São Paulo, Berlin, and Rome.

Just like Kevin Smith’s personal tribute to the Batman, several comic corners of the world have popped in with their own set of memories and creativity.

On the other hand, fans of DC Universe need to wait a little bit longer to have any news about the on-going filming of Batman. Because Matt Reeves doesn’t seem to have the intention of dropping any hints, Robert Pattinson is going to star as Bruce Wayne in the on-going Batman film. Robert Pattinson, in a recent interview, has revealed that he is currently preparing to sport himself in the Batman suit. Apparently, the suit didn’t make him the Batman, but the manpower to don the suit did.

Robert Pattinson has revealed that the second he has put on the Batsuit, he felt very powerful just the same way Ben Affleck and Christian Bale have confessed about their experience.