Batman: Arkham Knight Surprise Update: Unlock Robert Pattinson’s Epic Batman Skin Today!

Batman: Arkham Knight Adds Robert Pattinson The Batman Skin

Batman: Arkham Knight Adds Robert Pattinson The Batman Skin

The holidays have put Rocksteady Studios in a festive mood, and they have surprised fans with an update to 2015’s Batman: Arkham Knight. Gamers can now enjoy the addition of two new skins to the game, including the much-anticipated Robert Pattinson The Batman skin.

Unlock Exciting New Skins

In the past, obtaining these exclusive skins required setting up an account with WBPlay. However, Rocksteady Studios has made it hassle-free for players by allowing easy access to the skins. All you need to do is reinstall or relocate your copy of Arkham Knight and start playing to enjoy these amazing new bat skins.

Discover the Colorful Zur-En-Arrh Costume

One of the new skins available is the brightly colored Zur-En-Arrh costume. Originally based on a goofy alien version of Batman from the planet Zur-En-Arrh, this costume has evolved over time. In the 2000s, the concept shifted to something more serious – an alternate personality for Bruce Wayne, characterized by ruthless behavior and a slightly unhinged nature. Although a bizarre idea, the Zur-En-Arrh skin adds a unique touch to the Batman: Arkham Knight experience.

Experience Anime Batman from Gotham Knight

The second addition is the Anime Batman skin inspired by the 2008 Japanese animated film series, Batman: Gotham Knight. This series loosely follows Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight continuity and introduces an alternative Batman look. With a sleek collar reminiscent of Robert Pattinson’s Batman, the Anime Batman skin brings a fresh aesthetic to the game.

Exciting Future for Batman Lovers

While Rocksteady Studios continues to offer amazing content updates for Batman: Arkham Knight, the team is also hard at work on its upcoming game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which was announced during DC’s FanDome event in August. Additionally, Warner Bros. Montreal is working on a four-player Gotham Knights game featuring the Bat family, albeit without Bruce Wayne. Batman fans have much to look forward to in the coming years.


The addition of the Robert Pattinson The Batman skin to Batman: Arkham Knight has sparked excitement among fans. Rocksteady Studios’ commitment to providing new content and experiences for players is commendable. With the release of exclusive skins and the development of future Batman-related games, the Batman universe continues to thrive and captivate audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I access the new skins in Batman: Arkham Knight?

To access the new skins, you need to reinstall or relocate your copy of Batman: Arkham Knight and start the game. The skins will be available for selection within the game.

2. Are the new skins available for all platforms?

Yes, the new skins are available for all platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

3. Can I unlock the Robert Pattinson The Batman skin without purchasing any additional content?

Yes, the Robert Pattinson The Batman skin is included in the update and can be unlocked without purchasing any additional content. Simply reinstall or relocate your copy of Batman: Arkham Knight.

4. Are there any other upcoming Batman games?

Yes, Rocksteady Studios is currently working on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Warner Bros. Montreal is developing a four-player Gotham Knights game. Both games offer exciting new experiences within the Batman universe.

5. Are these skins available for multiplayer mode as well?

Yes, the new skins can be used in the single-player story mode as well as the multiplayer mode of Batman: Arkham Knight.