Bambam’s Korean Solo Melting Breaks Record As It Tops The iTunes Chart

GOT7’s Bambam Brings His First Korean solo

GOT7’s Bambam has just left everyone love his first solo Korean original soundtrack. While his solo “Melting” arrived this week, it instantly became the talk of the town everywhere. As one can easily find the track to be something hard to miss, it has already broken records globally. But what’s so special about the solo by Bambam?

Read ahead to know more Bambam with his new and first Korean solo.

Bambam gave his “Melting” Song for the drama “Business Proposal”

Business Proposal

It was GOT7 star’s first Korean solo that released on March 9th this summer. However, it was actually a part of the soundtrack given to the drama of Anh Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong titled “Business Proposal”. You can check the soundtrack below.

The Kross Pictures drama has just released on 7th Feb that’s adapted from a web toon of the same name. Meanwhile, while the new comedy drama is still airing its episodes. It’s the soundtrack by GOT7 star that has won the hearts of all that instantly made it popular.

Melting by GOT7 star crowned No. 1 on iTunes Chart globally

Instagram/ Bambam

Though the comedy drama arrived back in feb this year, the soundtrack by GOT7 star became a massive hit on its arrival on March 9th. Being the first Korean solo by Bambam, the track instantly made its way to the top of iTunes chart.

Melting the OST by GOT7 icon had climbed to No. 1 on iTunes chart as of 11am on March 12th in 13 countries. It was his first Korean given to the drama “Business Proposal”. Moreover, you can check out the drama “Business Proposal” on SBS TV that airs its episodes weekly on Monday and Tuesday. Netflix in some regions too have the drama series to watch.