‘Bam Margera’ dragged back to Rehab center! “Jackass” start said that her mother should have paid more attention to him!

“Jackass” famed Brandon Cole ‘Bam Margera’ had had stints with rehabilitation twice before he was enrolled again. He required rehab due to his substance abuse and mental health issues. Earlier on Instagram, he had posted a photo captioning that his mother should have paid more attention to him. This throws light on the neglected childhood, which might have led him down the path of addiction.

Bam Margera ran away from his rehabilitation center. He has walked out the last two times stating familial reasons. This time he was arrested for trespassing outside a hotel in L.A. on Thursday night. Reportedly, he is out on bail incurring a heavy amount of concession.

Consequently, Margera was sent back to rehab to complete his abandoned course. To rid of his addiction, he has to sacrifice all kinds of distractions. Communication with his wife and son is also restricted. Interestingly, it was the demand for a cell phone the first time that led to his failure in rehab.

Active on Instagram Bam Margera has shown promise of detoxification. But the commitment seems hollow in the face of the present situation. Dr. Phil and his family convinced him to seek rehab after his mental breakdown.

Margera had reportedly expressed his suicidal thoughts if he did not have access to his son. He has credited Phoenix Wolf, his soon to be two years old son, as his only reason for living.

Bam Margera even posted a handwritten note on Instagram stating two reasons for his sobriety. His social media shows that he is a devoted father. But the disappointment with his recent action has saddened his hopeful fans.

We pray that he gets clean and indulges in his life without any external stimulant. Bam Margera has weaved his way into many people’s hearts. A life of substance abuse does no one any good, and realizing this is the first step towards recovery.