Bad Boyss for Life, This is Us and many other movies have been nominated for E! People’s Choice Awards! Check out for all details here.


Every year new projects are released, be it movies or series, there are creations in the domain of entertainment. With time, there are trendsetting movies and series that are released and stay in the minds and hearts of the viewers and fans and eventually excel at the end of the era of movies of such kind. Movies that take the limelight once give inspiration for more such creations in the future and that’s when the trend that is set gets highlighted to the viewers.

Not only do movies and series or the end product get the fame, but also the characters that form a part do, due to their work and the character that is shown in the pieces of entertainment. Every year there are nominations for the best work in the entertainment industry that gives rise to fame to the work and the artist who worked behind the scenes to make the art come to picture.

What was the famous nomination in the past?

The recent past has witnessed some great art pieces that have hit the box office hard and also the public the same way. Not only are there high earning workpieces, but also work that has caused a good impression in the minds of the people who have watched the work. The E! People’s Choice Awards has witnessed some nominations that took the attention of all.

The series named Bad Boys for Life was nominated for the best film in the past and This Is Us was named for the TV project that outstood the other workpieces on the list.  One must watch the two if they haven’t till now and know the real reason behind their fame so that one can appreciate their nomination.