Backstreet Boys flew away from the streets: Fans angry over the cancellation of Backstreet Boys’ concert due to a thunderstorm.

The backstreet boys had to call off their show due to a sudden storm which injured 14 fans waiting in line outside the venue to join in with the show. The concert was organized to be done with their old fellow mate the ‘90s boy band 98 Degree. It was an out stage show held at the WinStar Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Oklahoma near the state’s southern border, and about an hour north of Dallas.

Backstreet Boys flew away from the streets: Fans angry over the cancellation of Backstreet Boys' concert due to a thunderstorm. 3

The Sunday night that the fans of Hershey, Pennsylvania had expected for, never came. They wanted to attend the concert of Backstreet Boys but due to a thunderstorm, they could not. The fans were there for the big show, but they could not participate in the show as it was cancelled.

The reason for the cancellation of the programme was thunderstorms, and the fans were abruptly told either take shelter under the grandstand or dismiss into their respective cars. The way they were treated made them angry, and they were upset about that. According to sources, the venue was being evacuated after observation of lightning within four miles of the event location.

After the storm ended, the Backstreet Boys hit the stage again with their performance. But the fans there were searching for seats to sit and the Backstreet Boys’ performance was short-lived and ended up with unhappy fans. They were again told with an announcement that there would be one more storm and the audience would have to leave.

The fans got mad over the situations that they had to face and were furious. They took up twitter to vent their frustrations over the lack of organization. One of the fans tweeted that they were not there for such kind of unsatisfactory performance by them and that the Backstreet Boys should have cancelled the plan much earlier and that their performance was not excellent. He asked them to be more organized the next time they throw a concert for their fans.