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Bachelor Alum Melissa Rycroft Made Shocking Revelations About Her Own Season! Why hasn’t she watched it yet?

Bachelor alum Melissa Rycroft made a big revelation about her own season and fans were definitely not expecting this compression. What did she say about her own season?

Melissa Rycroft Made A Shocking Revelation About Her Own Bachelor Season!

Apparently, Rycroft confessed that she hasn’t seen her own season! According to the Bachelor alum, it does feel like a lifetime ago! While Rycroft went on to win the season that year, Jason Mesnick did not choose her and went on to marry runner up Molly Malaney. The season was quite a controversial one with Jason changing his decision last minute and deciding to choose the runner up instead.

According to Rycroft, she did not watch her own season as it was so surreal and now it feels like a lifetime ago. Moreover, she feels as if she was a totally different person back then This indeed is shocking as fans wonder how can she not watch her own season?

She Has Confessed Of Being A Whole Different Person Back Then.

Moreiver, Rycroft has earlier been absolutely candid about the whole end scene where the decision was changed by Jason. She also went on to say that the producers knew beforehand that Jason was going to change his decision and choose Molly instead of Melissa. The producers knew the truth and still went with the whole thing, according to the winner of the season Melissa Rycroft.

According to Rycroft, the producers deliberately set up the whole final rose thing despite knowing Jason’s intentions and let him walk into it. However, she is now married to Tye Strickland and has three beautiful children. Even Jason Mesnick is married with Molly as well.

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