Babylon 5 Reboot Pushed To 2023 by CW!

‘Babylon 5’ Reboot : CW planning to make it in Next development season

1993’s space drama ‘Babylon 5’ is a much-appreciated tv series of J. Michael Straczynski which won many acclaimed awards. Now, he is trying to produce the new version of this fan-favorite sci-fi series of 90’s. But, ‘Babylon 5’ reboot is getting delayed again and again due to some reason or other. Though from 2018, the creator had approached for the reprise, yet B5 original developer Warner Bros. denied his proposal. Later, in September 2021, finally, CW gave the green signal.

Babylon 5 reboot

However, still it couldn’t get place in CW’s this year’s productions list. Therefore, ‘Together We Will Go’ famed American filmmaker is still trying his best make it approved for the next development season at least. He quoted it to be a “from-the-ground-up reboot”. In addition, with assurance from CW president, he is expecting production to start by development season for fall 2023 at the CW and Warner Bros. Furthermore, Straczynski will serve as writer and executive-producer the new ‘Babylon 5’

Why is reprise version production in delay ?

The phenomenal science fiction series ‘Babylon 5’ was always in limelight. Fans are already waiting for its revival for decades. After the first denial from CW’s this season’s production, the creator already thought it as another failure. Yet, the story takes a U-turn when CW’s President, Mark Pedowitz, personally called and assured him to consider the B5 project for next year and kept it in an active development state.

Moreover, Straczynski added Pedowitz appreciated the script as “a damned fine script” and remarked himself a big fan of B5. In addition, during the post, he got so impressed that he praised Mark a lot in his post. In the end, he brushed upon the fact that the sale of CW is the actual reason behind the delay.

Deep dive into storyline of ‘Babylon 5’ Reboot

The return of Babylon 5 is planning on new plotline yet with hint similar gist. Straczynski commented to make it a level up from original one. He quoted todays technology is much more developed than 90’s, so, he was thinking of implementing of new challenging and creative ideas to give a fresh yet familiar outlook to the reboot version.

In addition, the upcoming series will also take it’s viewer on a enthralling space journey accompanied with fights to accomplish peace.

Babylon5 Reboot
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Plotline centralizes on protagonist John Sheridan, a valiant Earthforce officer appointed to protect Babylon 5. Babylon 5 is a five-mile-long space station in neutral space which is the hotspot of many corporate explorers, travellers, smugglers and alien diplomats. Therefore, the port is always in the threat of war.

Following, Sheridan, with mysterious past, lands on station and finds out about the the adverse condition. During his stay, he unleashes his hidden potential and discovers a new unimaginable goal. In order to protect Babylon 5, he get trapped in a unwanted conflict between exploratory Earth company and a million years ahead civilization.