Babyface Anita Baker Twitter Drama Sparks Cyberbullying and Verbal Abuse

Anita Baker vs. Babyface: The Twitter Drama Explained

Anita Baker, R&B legend, recently performed a concert on her “Songstress” tour with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds as the opening act, but something went awry and it all started on Twitter. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what actually happened and how Anita Baker and Babyface got themselves into the digital drama.


Fans who follow Babyface and Anita Baker on Twitter have been glued to their feeds for the past few days because of an ongoing feud between the two iconic artists. It all started during a delay in one of their recent concerts, which triggered Babyface fans to lash out at Anita.

The Origin:

Anita Baker and Babyface, two legendary R&B acts, have been touring together on the Songstress Tour. On May 10th, a technical difficulty delayed the concert and ended up cutting Babyface’s entire set.

The Drama Begins:

As a result of the cut, Babyface’s supporters took to Twitter to voice their disappointment, but things quickly took a nasty turn. Anita Baker, who is known for being generous and kind, quickly became the target of the Babyface fans’ aggression.

Anita’s Defense:

Anita Baker quickly responded to the attacks, denouncing bullying from “Kenny’s Crazies” and calling out Babyface to end their harassment. According to her tweet, she has been “Only Kind and Supportive of You, as the Special Guest/Support, on My Tour.”

The Twitterverse Heat Up:

As the feud continued, Babyface found himself under fire for allegedly breaching his contract, staying on stage past his set time, and cutting into Anita’s headlining performance. Anita Baker fans came to her defense, but some Babyface supporters felt she was not giving him enough respect and saw Babyface as the main attraction.

Anita Returns Fire:

Anita continued her defense, explaining that her contract with Babyface was strictly as a support act, and took issue with his fans’ misinterpreting that relationship. She tweeted a series of messages on where she stood and why she felt disrespected and threatened.

Babyface Responds:

Babyface attempted to clear the air with a video message. In the clip, he said, “I would just like to say that I think that Anita Baker is one of the greatest voices in the history of music.” He also apologized for the confusion that had been created and thanked her for having him on the tour.

Anita Baker Fires More Shots:

Despite Babyface’s attempts to calm the situation, Anita remained unimpressed and returned more shots, implying that Babyface hated Beyoncé and was being coached by a white man to harass her.

Anita Solos:

On June 13th, Anita Baker announced via Twitter that she would perform the rest of the tour without any opening acts due to the verbal cyberbullying and threats of violence from Babyface fans. In the interest of personal safety, she tweeted, “I will continue the Songstress Tour alone.”


While it’s not uncommon for drama to arise during high-profile concerts, the events that played out on Twitter between Anita Baker and Babyface carry some important implications. Fans of both artists took sides, some calling for a boycott of all Babyface concerts while others defended him.


In conclusion, the social media drama between Anita Baker and Babyface has captured the attention of music fans worldwide. The situation highlights several significant issues such as cyber-bullying and celebrity misunderstandings. It is yet another indication of how social media has become a powerful platform for public figures to reinforce, or in some cases, hinder their reputation.


Q1. Can we assume there will be no future collaboration between the two R&B artists?

A: It is difficult to say as they have not made any public comments regarding their future work together.

Q2. Is cyber-bullying a significant problem in the music industry?

A: Yes, cyber-bullying is an issue in the music industry, as it is with other industries that rely on social media platforms to engage with the audience.

Q3. Was Babyface disrespectful to Baker?

A: Not everyone agrees that Babyface was disrespectful. However, some thought that he should have been more proactive in addressing the situation with his fans.

Q4. Will Babyface’s career be affected by this?

A: While this particular situation seems to have simmered down, the repercussions have yet to be felt. Time will tell the full impact it will have on Babyface’s career.

Q5. What are some ways fans can help combat cyber-bullying?

A: Fans can report abusive comments or posts, as well as engage positively with others online. Additionally, fans can show their support for those affected by cyberbullying.