Baby born in Texas without skin celebrates his first birthday on New Year’s Eve

Less than two months later he was permanently discharged from the nursing home, Ja’bari Gray, who was born beyond skin on most of his body, celebrated his first birthday.

On New Year’s Day, Ja’bari’s authors dignified the breakthrough with a Baby Shark-themed party.

In one image from the party, the whole family wears Baby Shark shirts as Priscilla Maldonado grips her son in her arms while placing with her two other toddler and husband Marvin Gray in front of a festive birthday gesture. Another snap shows the boy protected in a blanket coated with cartoon sharks.

After roughly a year in the nursing home  and endless skin grafts, Ja’bari was discharged  in November.

Maldonado, shared the happy statement on a GoFundMe campaign that has since been disbanded, seeing that while her son would still need supplement surgeries, he was developing thanks to lab-grown skin that doctors scioned onto his body at Texas Children’s nursing home.

I’m overpowered with happiness, Maldonado, 25, told at the time. “Everything is operating fine. It’s running out a lot improved than I expected.”

It feels like gaining a baby all over again  literally being capable to take the baby home,” she then added, siting that she was elated to be able to do natural newborn activities with Gray, like conveying him a bath in the tub and holding him routinely. “It’s like a dream come true, permanently.”

Maldonado was only able to start holding her son and offering him kisses in October.