Aww! Hayley Hubbard says she will miss being pregnant! Read what she has as her delivery date is near!

As Tyler Hubbard‘s wife, Hayley Hubbard is nearing her Aug. 19 due date, she will miss being pregnant!

She throws light on the highs, and lows, of being pregnant with her second child. In a recent post on Instagram, Hayley sheds light on her struggles with her changing body and the acceptance. Yet she will also miss the joy of being pregnant.


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A post shared by Hayley Hubbard (@hayley_hubbard) on Aug 15, 2019 at 9:33am PDT

In the post, she wrote that though she complains to her husband Tyler about the discomforts of pregnancy, she will “miss this belly.”
Hayley further exclaimed that pregnancy can be “hard yet humbling and uncomfortable yet beautiful.”

She expressed the excitement of creating and growing and carrying a human, which still blows her mind.

She claimed how she had to deal with body image issues, but today, she reminds herself daily that she is strong. Her “imperfections are beautiful,” and it’s only temporary and completely worth it.

She continued further, reminding the girls to “remember how beautiful we are and celebrate our imperfections. And everyone else’s imperfections.”

Hayley’s pregnancy has drawn praise from her husband, who gushed about his beautiful wife in his own Instagram post.


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Beauty in its purest form and a level of love I never knew existed.

A post shared by Tyler Hubbard (@tylerhubbard) on Aug 14, 2019 at 11:08am PDT

The Hubbards are trying to prepare their daughter Olivia to graduate from being an only child to a big sister.

The Florida Georgia Line singer commented on the same, saying they are trying to talk about the new addition in their family to Olivia. They also use “childlike phrases.” He believes that it is important to explain the situation to her. He further said that they think she knows what’s going on, so they will see “how the transition goes.”