Avatar: The Last Airbender BTS Image Shows Gordon Cormier and Daniel Dae Kim Face-off


Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Aang & Ozai’s Behind the Scene sneak peek

Actors Gordon Cormier and Daniel Dae Kim are playing the roles of Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Ozai respectively in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The role ‘Aang’ is the hero and ‘Ozai’ is the anti-hero of the series.

Using Instagram as a platform Cormier revealed a Behind the scene Image. He posted a pic with Kim and himself in a fighting face-off pose. We can witness that Cormier used the classic ‘Airbender’ style. While Kim posed with a stance of an experienced warrior. It also has a caption ‘Momo, time for you to go’ – mentioning Aang’s pet ‘Momo’.

The Instagram post of Gordon Cormier
Photo Courtesy: Gordon Cormier’s official Instagram.

About Avatar: The Last Airbender

The series was originally based on the animated series on Nickelodeon series. The series is about how a kid with powers will keep the world in order. The Avatar has the potential to control all four elements(Fire, Water, Air, Earth). While people can control only one element. The protagonist Aang must bring peace to four nations. However, the Fire Lord Ozai has support for World Domination. Our hero Aang must deal with Ozai and bring peace.

The live-action remake of the animated series will hit Netflix soon. The fans who grew up watching the animated series are waiting for it. This will become an anticipating series when it completes its shooting. We will get to see the live people in a World full of powers and people who control elements. This whole fantasy universe will make people awestruck with the graphics and all.

The pic of Aang along with his friends

Production and Filming began in Vancouver, British Columbia last year. The shooting is expected to wrap up by May 2022. It is under Working Title ‘Trade Winds and Blue Dawn.’