Austin Wilson Is new love interest of Demi Lovato And Mike Johnson was just the past Crush and a fizzled fling??

Amidst all the breakup stories that we got to hear this year, it seems like someone is stuck by Cupid after all! This pop artist has a new man in her life and we all are quite happy for her! Let’s find out who this singer is.

Who Is Demi Lovato’s New love interest?

Apparently, Demi Lovato has a new man in her life and recently she posted a mushy picture on Instagram. The photo somewhat hints that the pop star has made her relationship official and the mystery man is Austin Wilson. They both are very happy together and have bonded over their shared sobriety.

Demi’s friend approves of this new man. According to sources, both are a great influence on each other. By sharing the same experiences together they seem to be understanding each other better. Austin Wilson recently shared a photo of the two together and refereed the Camp Rock star as his love.

Is Demi Lovato And Mike Johnson Over?

Moreover, Demi Lovato has put forward this new relationship a few weeks after her alleged split from Bachelor Nation’s Mike Johnson. An insider revealed that although they went on a few dates together and texted each other, it was not a full-blown relationship. It seems like that fling soon fizzled out. Demi Also admitted that she had a crush on the bachelor. Now that a new man is in the picture that crush is nothing but history.

Austin and Demi seem to have bonded over their past mishaps which included their shared sobriety. Recently there were rumors of Demi dating fashion designer Henry Levy. They soon were broken up in March. Austin, unlike the previous guys, seems to be a serious deal as Demi seems to be quite smitten by him. Let us see how far this relationship goes!