‘Atypical’ Season 3 on Netflix: Know about the plot and cast; When will season 4 start?

‘Atypical’ is a Netflix television series that focuses on the life of eighteen-year-old Sam Gardner.

The series was initially premiered on the 11th of August 2017 and so far it has come across three seasons. Although the starting season doesn’t receive a great response from the audience. The initial season faced criticism regarding the inaccurate portrayal of autism. ‘Atypical’ season three was premiered on 1st November 2019. Now it is rumored that ‘Atypical’ season four is also going to come very shortly.

Cast Members

Keir Gilchrist portrays the role of protagonist Sam Gardner the year-old boy affected with autism. Brigette Lundy Paine played the role of Sam’s younger sibling Casey Gardner. The mother of these two children Elsa Gardner is played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. Sam’s father Doug Gardner’s role is played by Michael Rapaport and Amy Okuda played the role of Sam’s therapist.

The eighteen-year-old autism sufferer surprised his family and told that he wants to enter into the world of dating. Sam’s father was finding difficulties to talk with his son but when Sam asked him to give guidance regarding this his father didn’t hesitate. Sam told that he has a huge crush on his therapist Julia. Sam’s father advises him to find someone of his age and the latter responds by saying that he needs a “practice girlfriend”.

On the other hand, the series showed Sam’s mother Elsa is now quite relieved for Sam and gets in an affair with a bartender. Sam’s younger sister Casey is a talented athlete and earns a scholarship to join another elite school. The story also shows that Julia discovers that she is pregnant and blames her boyfriend.

Season 2 kicked off with Doug discovering Elsa’s affair which leads her to get out of their house now all the responsibilities of the family have to be taken by Doug. Although the conflict among the couple went out still the old relation was lost between them Sam, on the other hand, wants a new therapist in the absence of Julia. Sam finally realized and decided to join a support group for autistic students. Meanwhile, Sam’s talent for making sketches grants him admission into Denton University’s Scientific Illustration program.

Season three continued from the second season and shows various problems the Gardner family is facing such as Sam is finding difficulties and struggles to cope up in his new college, on the other hand, Elsa and Doug tries to figure out whether they should separate and move on.

Season four has still not been confirmed and announced by Netflix yet but it is expected to release somewhere around December 2020. The franchise has created a huge hype among the fans.

According to experts, it is told that protagonists still have multiple stories to tell.
Season three trailer was released on October 17th, 2019.