Atlanta Has Finished Shooting of the 4th Season And Calling It the Last One

Emmy-Winning Comedy Series Comes To An End

Donald Glover’s comedy series, Atlanta will release its third season in the coming month. Along with it, the hot news is that they have completed the shooting of the fourth season. Further, it will out at the end of this year, says FX’s Chief executive Officer Landgraf.

They have even released the trailer for the season three which is going to release in the coming month.

Below is the trailer:

FX’s CEO And Glover’s Comment

In a winter press tour at Television Critics Association Landgraf revealed that Donald’s Emmy-Winning comedy will have fourth as the last season. Further, he informed that both the third and fourth season has completed its shooting.

Thereafter, Glover in an interview, told the reporter that he wanted season two to be the last season. This was because by the end of season four it will feel like a natural conclusion for all the character. Further, he said that, things happen when it is the right time to happen and they don’t happen if it is not the right time.

In conclusion, Glover pointed that his deal with Amazon was not the reason to end this series.

Donald Glover's picture

Glover’s Update

Glover is working on an adaptation of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt featuring Mr. And Mrs. Smith for Amazon. Previously, he was featuring it with Phoebe Waller-bridge but later on he dropped himself out. Currently, he is working for Amazon on a music series name, Hive.

He has also won two Emmy awards while working in Atlanta. He won two awards, one of which was for the leading actor.

At last, he said that he can go for Atlanta continuation in future if it seems reasonable to him.