Ashton Kutcher Experienced a Blood-y Incident as his Nipples Bled during a Marathon

Ashton Kutcher had a Blood-y experience

The actor-turned-venture capitalist discusses his rigorous preparation for the New York marathon, alleging that as he was getting set to race, his nipples began to bleed.

During a 17-mile training run for a marathon, Ashton Kutcher disclosed an unexpected wound: his nipples actually started to bleed. On Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the 44-year-old actor discussed training for the New York Marathon.

Ashton Kutcher was alarmed when his nipples started to bleed when he was preparing for the New York Marathon. The Hollywood actor, who was preparing to compete in the yearly event in November, was horrified to learn that his nipples had begun leaking during a recent 17-mile training run. He had been experiencing chest pain.

Ashton Kutcher
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“I had nipple blood.” Ashton Kutcher revealed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live!. He said that his legs were alright, but his nipples were on fire. The show’s guest host David Alan Grier then gave the 44-year-old celebrity a set of gold nipple tassels. I had bloody nipples, he admitted to David Alan Grier, his guest host. I agree with what is occurring right now.

Ashton revealed to David that he managed to stay motivated by holding a show with his celebrity friends while running on his treadmill. Ashton Kutcher is participating in the marathon to raise money for Thorn, a non-profit organization that works to end the sexual exploitation of children.

The What Happens in Vegas asked him if he could put them on, and David said, “Put these bad boys on.” In addition, Ashton disclosed that this was his first marathon and that he was participating in it in favour of Thorn, an organization that works to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.

He stated, “I started training for it, on my Peloton treadmill, watching the teacher, doing the thing, and I’m like, “Man this is a lot of running.” He continued by saying that he even approached Peloton with a proposal for a show in which he and his pals would be interviewed while running in his basement. Telling entire story, he told that they built it up in his basement and they have been filming, and they have shot like 10 episodes of the show with Natalie Portman, Kenny Chesney, and just pals, Chris Paul, that come over.

Ashton Kutcher
Instagram | Ashton Kutcher

It’s making running enjoyable, Ashton volunteered. Ashton also shared his strategy for making jogging enjoyable. Following his assurance to supporters that he has “completely healed,” Ashton said that he is preparing for a marathon. An uncommon autoimmune illness had left him unable to “see, hear, or walk.”

The father of two revealed that two years ago, he had this odd, very rare form of vasculitis, it like knocked out his vision, it knocked out his hearing, it knocked out like all his equilibrium” in a clip from an upcoming episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls that Access Hollywood released. The actor recently assured fans that his autoimmune disease was no longer a problem.

It took me about a year to build it all back up again, he continued. When you think that you don’t know if you will ever going to be able to see again, you don’t know if you will ever going to be able to hear again, you don’t know if you will ever going to be able to walk again, you don’t truly appreciate it until it’s gone.

Vasculitis, according to the NHS, is an inflammation of the blood vessels caused by the immune system attacking healthy blood vessels, resulting in their swelling and narrowing.

After the video was posted, Ashton tweeted to reassure followers that the horrific encounter had not affected him in any way. He wrote: “Before there are a bunch of rumors/chatter/whatever out there. Yes, I experienced an unusual case of vasculitis 3 years ago. (Peak immunological response).

Ashton Kutcher declares that he has “completely recovered” from the autoimmune illness that prevented him from being able to see, hear, or move. Ashton Kutcher, who battled an inflammatory illness that left him unable to hear, see, or move, said he was “fortunate to be alive”