Ashton Kutcher admit about The never ending love for ex’s daughters, but Mila Kunis support is equally there ??

Christopher Ashton Kutcher met Demi Moore in 2003 at a dinner party, got married in 2005, and unfortunately parted ways after 8 years of marriage in 2013.

Kutcher says he has a soft corner for his ex’s daughters,  Rumer(31), Scout(28), and Tallulah Willis(26), and will always be there for them.

Kutcher, not their biological father has helped raise them through their adolescence, adding to this he said he loves them and won’t stop loving them and respecting them and honoring them and rooting for them to be successful in whatever they are pursuing and will never force them to stay connected with the American actor.

The star noted that he doesn’t hang out with Moore anymore, but the former couple is on good terms, and he makes conscious effort to stay In touch with the girls.

Moore has three daughters from ex-husband Bruce Wills. To this, Kutcher said he never tried to be their father and won’t do that in future either, and he always respects and honors Bruce and considers him a brilliant human being and a wonderful man.

He further added he wouldn’t force the three girls to have any engagement with him, but all thanks to god they all do keep contact with him always.

Following the split, Kutcher married his former “That ‘70s Show” castmate Mila Kunis in 2015 and has two children from that marriage: Daughter Wyatt and Son Dimitri.

When the two got hitched, the actress was in her 40’s while Kutcher was 15 years younger. He considers the three daughters to still maintain their bond even after the split between the two.

Loving the three girls is not a secret affair; Kutcher’s present wife, Mila Kunis, too, spoke about his husband’s relationship with Moore’s children.