Arnold Schwarzenegger Drops a Teaser Poster As Zeus from Upcoming Venture!

Arnold all set to the Greek God, Zeus

Arnold Schwarzenegger in an American- Austrian actor, a bodybuilder, a business, film producer and a former politician of California. He is the seven times Mr. Olympia. After retiring from bodybuilding, he gained fame in Hollywood as an action star. He was the leading face of the famous sci-fi film The Terminator and in other sequels of the movie too. It looks like Arnold might be graduating from the character Hercules to his father, Zeus.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator
From Twitter @Schwarzengger

Arnold Schwarzenegger drops Teaser

Recently, he posted a picture in the social media where he is the god of sky and thunder from the Greek mythology. This shows his new project for February 2022.

Zeus is unlikely to be a real movie considering no one has heard about it. The release date is not out, but it will be in February as per Arnold’s post.

So, the fans can excite themselves for his return for the franchise after 2019 in Terminator: Dark Fate. Simultaneously, the lack of branding house in the post and absence of mentioning the cast or the director create a sense of doubt.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a movie character
From Twitter @Schwarzengger

Exciting upcoming

It is unclear what Arnold is teasing through his post as Zeus, but he has confirmed his another upcoming film, Twins sequel, Triplets.

Twins by Ivan Reitman. Arnold and Danny DeVito were playing the two different looking brother in the fun-loving and comedy movie. For many years, it has been heard that there will be a new sequel. In that sequel, Arnold and Danny will reunite along with a new character, the third unlikely brother.

Last year, an official announcement came that Reitman is returning to direct the new sequel of the movie.

We just have to wait for the next month, until then we can watch Arnold sharing fun fan art of him teasing a Superbowl ad.