Ariana Grande cancels her performance in Lexington due to severe pain and ill health! Fans show support on social media!

7 Rings singer Ariana Grande has reportedly canceled her Sweetener Tour show in Lexington, Kentucky, on November 17.
Ariana has reported her health getting worse before her performance.

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The 26-year-old  singer tweeted about her health condition before a night of her performance on Sunday.

The tweet stated her to be in an adverse pain due to her sinus infection, which made her cancel her performance so that she could get some rest. She said that she woke up in 10 times worse pain, because of which swallowing medicines too became kinda difficult to her.

She added she isn’t very much sure what is actually going inside her immune system. She also apologized to her fans for being unable to make up for her performance in Lexington.

“I am so sad and sorry. I’m so upset but of course obviously, you will be refunded “, she added in her video posted by her in her Insta story.

After her illness messages being received by her fans, Arianators shared tweets and comments praying and hoping her to get good health soon.

Babra Streisand when came to know about the cancellation of Ariana’s performance didn’t take a moment to impart a piece of caring advice to her that, she should take a strong vitamin C drink along with some manuka honey and some chicken soup which would make her feel better.

Ariana also posted a clip of her using steamer captioned as steaming.

So far Ariana’s further schedule shows haven’t been cancel out which means she most probably would perform in Atlanta on Tuesday.