Are You Ready With Reunion Drama? Basket Ball Wives are Returning!!

Viewers are all set to see Basketball Reunion juicy Drama as soon as it aired. Fans and followers started commenting live on Twitter and other social media accounts showing their approval and disapproval of the reunion.

As per the sources, the reunion drama started even before the seated discussion began. Behind the scenes, OG and CeCe decided to leave the building, whereas Tami left for a medical emergency. Evelyn, Jackie, Hill all came up with their excuses. No wonder a few from the entire crew were missing from the action on stage. But Marc Lamont Hill didn’t hesitate and managed to ask blunt and direct questions in front of the audience.

Apart from behind the scene, a lot of drama took place on the stage between Shaunie and Jen. Fans were quick to take sides and felt Shaunie’s behavior was unreasonable.

Season 8 of basketball wives are over with production, and the reunion aired this week. The reunion looked promising to bring closure to some of the drama issues fans witnessed, and cast members will be forced to answer, including the lawsuit filed by one of the cast members.

While we are waiting for the reunion, fans want to know whether the show will have Season 9 of this high end and popular drama series? Or more If players will be involved or not?

 But its better players are left to play on the field; otherwise, the wives may rope them in their silly personal grudges against each other. Yes, we cannot deny the fact that the show has entertained us all for a very long time.

Season 8 of Basketball Wives has finished, but the two-part reunion has yet to air. Let’s wait for some more real fights and reel friendships or love.