Are Elon Musk and his father in extremely bad terms? What is the reason behind it?

SpaceX is the company that has contributed to the field of astronomy with the least that was available to them. the company was founded by Elon Musk who is known for his innovations in his field of work and the success that he got after failing initially at the same.

The man of few words who has garnered attention in both positive as well as negative ways, he is the mind behind space programs that the world first laughs at and later looks up to for appreciation. In this world of success-oriented people, Musk has proved to be the man who is thought and talked of in quotes, as the person who rises above every failure in life and then boosts up in life with the success that they get. However, the controversies that he has made in the past can not be ignored to critically analog him and his thoughts, not to judge anyone but only to know about them and the way they think.

What was the most recent controversy made by him?

From the developments in the space sector that he has been investing in throughout his life, he is known for starting work physically at the time when the pandemic was at the highest in the USA and his desire to support Kanye West in the US presidential election who is a singer and know less about bureaucracy.

The interview that he recently gave was the center point of discussion lately when he called his father a horrible man and a criminal who has done all the crimes that he could imagine. This was concerning his childhood experience with his father that he said so and was feeling bad about as well.