Are Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez still friends? Read what Demi Lovato has to say about her fellow Disney friend!

Demi Lovato was on newsstands 21st April, cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s May 2020 issue.

So do you want to know what the 27-year-old entertainer shared with the magazine. 

When asked about events of her life since the past two years inspiring her new music she told that she would not like for a detail to get into the headline when she has worked so hard for her music. But she would really appreciate the patience the public has given her over the past year. She felt really grateful about the time her fans gave her to sort out the mess.

Because she thinks that the mistakes she made while she was 18 and went into treatment, was that started working back after six months of her treatment. Moreover, she also sat back on the sidelines for two years, during the same time. However, she was silent when the tabloids went wild. And her album is the ultimate place where she gets to set the record straight on everything. 

And finally when she was asked about who she is still connected with from her Disney days she told that it’s Miley Cyrus. Demi finds her to be an amazing person, and she love her to death and will always keep loving her. However, the actress cum singer said that Miley is the only one from that show that she is still in touch with.

When asked about Selena Gomez’s supportive message after her Grammys performance she replied that when an individual grows up with somebody then they’ll always have love for them. However, she said she’s not friends with her. But she will always love her, and wish the best for her. 

When questioned about settling down with someone she replied that When she imagines about her future life, she doesn’t think of a man Or about having two or three kids with him.

Rather she thinks it would be so much fun to share a child with a woman. Thus, She doesn’t know what her future will be like. And she could open to anything. Moreover, when people ask her about What’s her type, she replies that there’s no type. It depends only on her connections. Rather, she wishes that she could say that she would date an attractive person.