Apryl And Fizz Instaofficial Relationship Confirmed went wrong? Fans upset by Fizz on neglecting his baby mother, Moniece Slaughter over Apryl Jones!!

Love & Hip Hop Star Apryl Jones, and American rapper Lil Fizz are officially confirmed couple. Their debut pics on Instagram created a lot of buzz on social media platforms. Ever since they’ve been romantically linked, Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones have faced criticism for their blossoming relationship in light of her past with Omarion.

Why Are Fans Upset?

The rumored couple has also received backlash for trying to fool the public into thinking that they’re just friends following her split from Fizz’s bandmate.
And the latest episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’ made things worse, as fans were left unimpressed when Fizz, 33, officially asked Apryl, 32, to be his girlfriend.
Apryl, who has two children with Omarion, without wasting time, accepted the proposal while all the time, denying the relationship.
Lil Fizz fans were also upset for neglecting his baby mother, Moniece Slaughter. She also claimed that the rapper is busy picking up Apryl’s pieces while not giving Moniece the support she needed.

Fans and followers didn’t like this and showed their dismay on twitter account.” Omarion has been quiet this entire time cause he knew eventually the world would see the real Apryl & Fizz. It’s wrong no matter how they try to justify it,” wrote one user.

“Damn, Moniece. They’ve played here every season as if she’s unstable,” said another. “She’s just sensitive, raw, and real. I wish her nothing but the best. She’s better off, Fizz & Apryl whack asses deserve each other.” wrote another fan.

The couple is facing a lot of backlashes but still looks strong together. Coming time will show if this relationship lasts forever or will get over before the storm settles.