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Apple and Microsoft give reasons as to why Xbox Game Pass Ultimate won’t be able to make it to IOS! Check it out.

Usually, a website endorses games that are sold to them and they have the full right over reviewing and developing the game to increase its reach and acceptance in the society by the gamers. Once the platform where the game is sold can optimize the features and the features to gamers, their sale increases and that benefits both the buyer as well as the seller by generating revenues, many platforms where the games are bought and played on are sources of revenue generation.

What was the recent confrontation between apple, iOS, and how does it have to deal with Microsoft?

As sites that offer a platform to the public to make their products available and easily accessible to the general public, platforms such as Apple must and even do things that can benefit themselves along with the public. There are certain games available on iOS that are sold to them by Apple and many on other platforms.

Usually, it is preferred by gamers to use a platform other than iOS as Apple defined it as a tough platform for the public to get reviews from as that is not done well by them. apple instead prefers to sell their games to other platforms such as Microsoft where there is a high chance of user-interface interaction and the demands of the players is known to the sites that offer them.

In this case, Microsoft that makes reviews easily available that can be used to have access to the users who can download the games as per their requirements after reading the reviews which makes it easier for them to find their likes/preferences. This is a tough task to happen on iOS due to their absence of reviews which makes it tough for the users to decide for themselves.

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